The Swarakshar app is a great reference app for simplifying the pronunciation learning process of the 5,000-year-old Devanagari Script.

Swarakshar Pro’s in-app auto-renewing subscription will help you achieve your linguistic goals. Unlock interactive alphabet pronunciation, identification, and complete reference for simplified learning with a subscription.


  1. The Swarakshar App includes over 422 Devanagari alphabets with voice-overs at the tap of the finger.
  2. The app is intelligently colour-coded to differentiate vowels, consonants, and barakhadi (swarakshar) for easier identification and pronunciation.
  3. Users can listen to the alphabet’s pronunciation with a single tap on the Alphabet Tile app. Holding down the tile will take you to the related alphabet’s barakhadi screen.
  4. The app displays the properties of each alphabet, indicating whether it is a vowel, consonant, or barakhadi. For barakhadi, it shows the conjunction of the alphabet with a consonant and vowel.
  5. We incorporated traditional Alphabet Chart/Varnamala/Aksharmala ideas into modern, interactive, touch-enabled iOS technologies.
  6. Our custom-designed Devanagari Unicode font makes alphabet recognition easier.