Swarakshar app is intelligently colour coded to enable every student of Devanagari Script to differentiate/identify and pronounce vowels, consonants and barakhadi (swarakshar). Swarakshar App has more than 460 Devanagari alphabets with voice overs.

We have designed and developed the Swarakshar app to simplify the process of learning more than 5,000-year-old Devanagari Script.

The app borrows the idea of Alphabet Chart / Varnamala / Aksharmala from old traditional books to modern interactive touch-enabled gesture-based iOS technologies.

We have used custom-designed Devanagari Unicode font to ease out alphabet identification on Apple iOS devices.

One important feature of the app is embedded in professionally recorded audio. It will help anybody in the world to listen and then easily pronounce alphabets. The whole visible ‘Alphabet Tiles’ are tappable to announce audio. At the bottom left corner of the tile, it suggests respective properties of the alphabet whether it is vowel, consonant or barakhadi. For barakhadi, it shows a conjunction of the alphabet with consonant + vowel.

Single Tap on Alphabet Tile app will announce alphabet pronunciation audio & on Long Press or Press and hold app will navigate you to related alphabet’s barakhadi screen.

So you ask why you should download Swarakshar App from the Apple App Store well we would suggest considering the following three important points, the first is the speed and performance of the app. The app is designed and coded with the latest iOS technologies with blazing fast Swift Programming Language, second is the knowledge that you will acquire after using this app about Devanagari Script, third is professionally recorded voice-overs that will ease the process of pronouncing alphabets.

We are immensely happy to dedicate our best efforts to enable everyone to learn the Devanagari script.

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All of our apps including Mudrakshar, Swarakshar and Chitrakshar are available on your iPhone (iOS), iPod touch (iOS), iPad (iPadOS) and on your Mac (macOS) Desktop or Laptop Computer.

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